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Carlsberg Beer Suppliers.

Carlsberg is the most loved No.1 International lager beer in the World. Brewed with pure malt and boasting a smooth richness, this flagship lager is Carlsberg Beer wholesalequintessential easy-drinking beer for all occasions.

Danish barley was destined to become the essential ingredient in our beer. Harvested, quality checked, and cared for, the resulting malt is the essence and importantly, the only grain used to make Carlsberg premium quality malt beer. Hops provide the spice in beer and the hop plant is grown solely for its use in brewing. Only the unseeded cone of the female plant is used in making Carlsberg’s aroma hop—and this is what provides the deliciously distinctive fruity and flowery taste of Carlsberg.

Product Description

  • Preparation Information:
    Serve with ice or chilled according to personal preference

  • Storage Information:
    • Store at standard temperatures around 10-12°C
    • In cool, dry place and avoid sunlight

  • Country of Origin:

  • Ingredients:
    Malted Barley, Cereals, Hops, Yeast, Water, Alcohol

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Carlsberg Beer Suppliers

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